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Liberian Star Photos

Liberian Star Photos is an online and print media outlet serving the public in both the United States and Liberia. The website offers services in photography for all occasions, death and special announcements. The Site also offers souvenirs of every kind including, pens, key chains, charms and other items as per your specifications.

Serving the People of Liberia always.

The Liberian Star Photos is managed by veteran Liberian journalist, Daniel Draper Jr.


Daniel S. Draper Jr.
CEO and Managing Director
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For the Latest Liberian news call the The Liberian Star News Hotline - 212-875-7777


The Liberian Star photos create unique souvenirs to help us celebrate and remember our milestones and festive times. The various items are listed on this page.


The Liberian Star Photos Obituaries are designed to help us always remember our love ones when they sleep in heavenly bliss and help console the family at their time of grief.

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The Staff of Liberian Star Photos can be contacted at 401-533-0433 and email-